We’re an independent creative studio focused on finding interesting creative solutions for our clients while doing the thing we love doing best Design.


An idea sparks the mind, but the visual manifestation of an idea stirs the soul. We believe that design is the catalyst between what, why, where & whom.

We at TAN-TA-DAN work together with your team, to uncover the latent opportunities while holding the greatest potential for your brand. We work as your Design Partner, where we THINK>TASTE>TOUCH>TALK your Brand.

We address the challenges faced by Brands and Businesses with a unique design approach. Our carefully crafted design approach is built with passion and dedication, learning from the Context of the problem, applying meticulous detail, skill and craftsmanship to every stage of our design and strategic process. This tailored approach is driven by our clients ambitions and business objectives, allowing us to reduce the superfluous and deliver functional, creative yet effective design solutions coupled with sound strategic thinking.


Our mission at TAN-TA-DAN is to work with clients as Design Partners and help fuel their growth by providing exceptional, story-led design experiences through various touchpoints.

As your Design Partner we holistically design all communication materials to integrate your Brand Story. We work in close and sustained relationships with our clients where our skills cover projects related to:

Branding & Brand Development

Corporate Identity
(Logo / Symbol / Colours / Typography)
Brand Strategy
Visual Language
Brand Guideline

Packaging Design

Packaging Identity System
FMCG Surface Packaging Graphics
(Typography / Illustration/ Mnemonics /
Colors / Style / Forms / Pattern / Textures)
Product Graphics
Product Packaging

Web & Interaction Design

Website Design / Development
E Brochure / E Ads
E Catalogue / Mailers
Infographic Video
Application Design
UI Design

Print & Publication Design

Coffee Table Book
Corporate / Product Brochure
Annual Reports
Product Catalogue
Advertising Promotional materials
(Invites / Flyers / Leaflets / Catalogues)

Experience Design

Retail Space design
Retail graphics
Signage Design / Way finding Systems
Pictograms / Icons
Corporate space design (Graphic)

Design for Social Change

Pro bono


We are designers by craft but communicators by heart. Our projects are diverse and require a unique range of skill. For each project we form a team of trusted and talented Design Enthusiasts and Specialists who work effectively and efficiently together to transform Brands & Businesses.

Tanya Thomas Fernandes

Co-Founder & Creative Head (Strategy)

Dhanya Gokul

Co-Founder & Creative Head (Design)

Our Collaborators:

We have always believed in a balanced approach — where business-driven thinking and artistic invention are always considered, and even challenged.

We are fortunate enough (if a project demands) to work with a team of highly talented and trusted collaborators to deliver creative and strategic ambitions. We love our challenges interspersed with diversity, collaboration and exceptional skill.