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“They are extremely focused and approach every assignment with strategic direction. Therefore their first design iteration is rarely away from the desired. Their presentations are possibly the best that I have seen in my 25 years of marketing experience, having dealt with large advertising agencies and many design houses through my career. Their sense of design, be it packaging or identity, is very matured and with the times.”

Vishwadeep Kuila Founder at Brand Vectors

“Dhanya is an exceptional talent and her innate creativity and attention to the customer's needs is tremendous. The entire process right from the very first meeting up to the final delivery was very smooth. She and her team were always open to suggestions, churning out multiple revisions until we were a 100% satisfied.”

Advait Suhas Pandit Co-Founder & CTO at Mooneye Games Ltd.

“They have brought in designs to match our brand positioning be it for Kaytra, Melam, Medimix or Sanjeevanam. They have supported us right from the packaging design skeleton stage to finally getting the printed packaging proof. It’s great fun working with this young team with so much vibrant ideas and energy.”

Vanessa Christo DGM Branding at AVA Cholayil Healthcare Pvt Ltd.

“They are a creative team full of energy working every assignment to utmost perfection. Through their collaboration on multiple projects we have been able to create a great fusion of design and moving image. Working with them is inevitable now. Even though we are based in Chennai and they in Mumbai, they have a good understanding of handling projects from the remote.”

Praveen Chrispugg Founder at Idea Heavens Experimental Animation Studio