a cohesive brand and system design

Our hope with this re-branding exercise was to create a global identity and design system for the consumer. The new Brand mark delivers a truly cohesive presence among all their Business and Services.

The most exciting addition to the brand’s equity was the establishment of a new global brand mark. To some it seemed like a sweeping change, but to the consumers it simply communicated everything AVA did embarking the future.

Our new brand mark embarks a fresh and contemporary approach deeply rooted in tradition, knowledge and authenticity.

A symbol that is traditionally rooted yet stable and progressive.

The boldness of the AVA logo represents a legacy of experience that the company has and the contrasting soft edges represents the closeness the company has with its customers by providing them with high quality products.

Brand AVA conveys the traditional and heritage knowledge with a very modern definition attributed to the various businesses touching every sphere of society.

Welcome to the fresh new face of AVA.

The purpose of a Brand Guideline was to provide guidance in both principle and practice of developing and managing the AVA brand. As the new elements were delivered to the consumer, every effort was made to make a choice based on strategy, re-inforcement of equity and exhibition of the brand in a unified manner.

Client: AVA Cholayil Healthcare Pvt. Ltd