an all inclusive brand approach

Sanjeevanam is an all-inclusive health service that rejuvenates the body physically, mentally and spiritually. It is a tribute to natural living and aims to provide guidance regarding food and lifestyle, blending traditional wisdom with modern conveniences, a confluence of natural solutions for all health issues. Sanjeevanam’s previous Brand image only focused on a problem-solving service and an age-old brand. It overlooked the company’s novel and holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle.

The challenge was to rebrand Sanjeevanam to immediately communicate the company’s expertise. Sanjeevanam was transformed into a contemporary, sophisticated brand that was rooted in tradition and history emphasizing on a holistic approach.

The Sanjeevanam logo is a visual definition of itsBrand Identity bringing in the element of Nature that focuses on Healthy and Natural Living. The Orange color evokes a sense of warmth associated with the Brand. The green or leaf element brings in its proximity with nature, life, and purity. The typography is slicker in both execution and intention to make it look contemporary. The Brand was perceived as an entity that lends itself to various brand extensions. The Tagline ‘Ayurveda at your service’ speaks of the holistic health services Sanjeevanam provides.

As The Sanjeevanam Brand grew forward (The Vegetarian Restaurant, Ayurvedic Therapy Centre, The Natural Beauty Centre and The Nature Store) it aimed at touching people’s life across the globe leveraging on the roots of Indian culture and knowledge.

The Sanjeevanam Brand Extension Palette is created from the geometry of a Mandala combined with the principles of a Tessellation Pattern. The Mandala represents wholeness and symbolizes the pattern of creation. Additionally, the order and symmetry of the Mandala resonates with energy, which is significant to the extended palette.

This extended palette brings about uniqueness to the 4 categories, yet is in sync with each other bringing about the consistency of the Brand Colours. Whether you move, combine, or integrate the forms, one can communicate a wide range of visually dynamic qualities of each of the four Sub-Brands. Loud or soft, each expression is applicable to every aspect of the Sanjeevanam brand.

Client: AVA Cholayil Health Care Pvt. Ltd.
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