a celebration of indian beauty through brand
& packaging design

Kaytra is a brand of the AVA GROUP which was launched as a joint venture with India’s most celebrated beauty expert – Ambika Pillai. Kaytra is a brand that applies age-old Ayurvedic knowledge to create a range of skin and hair-care products. The Brand needed an identity and a complete packaging development to depict the key philosophy of the Brand that was a celebration to Indian Beauty.

An Indian Twist: a modern amalgamation of the Devanagari and the Roman characters

The new Kaytra identity reflects a modern amalgamation of the Devanagari and the Roman characters. The core identity, inspired by the earthy and natural surrounding, the essence of Ayurveda incorporated (in all things natural) in a new and unique organic typestyle. This is reinforced through supporting brand assets, a monogram stamp; the latter is used across the portfolio as a quality seal and mark. The visual language is a depiction of the core ingredients of the products beautifully illustrated to give it an earthy feeling.

A warm yet luxurious and royal colour (Purple) envelops the brand across touch points, capturing Kaytra’s true brand essence of Celebrating Indian Beauty through its natural products.

Traditional in its roots but modern in its approach Kaytra Products are a celebration to Indian Beauty

The product identity and packaging, utilized an illustrative style to communicate a hand-crafted sensibility. Drawing on the past for inspiration has always been a very valid technique to capture a sense of nostalgia and a more wholesome aesthetic. Nature has in its store some of the best solutions for all kinds of beauty related issues. Ayurveda our very own Indian science of medicine, hailing from ancient times is a storehouse of a number of herbal remedies. So it was refreshing to take cues from the past.

To surrender to the bounties of nature and to their magical powers Kaytra is a reflection of one’s inner beauty

The process began by first understanding the key components of the products i.e.; extracts of natural herbs, fruits, flowers etc. that were carefully handcrafted by the beauty expert herself.

This conclusion gave way to a journey which lead to a marriage between Kaytra’s USP (of all things natural) and its philosophy of being a celebration to Indian Beauty. The result was a packaging design which comprised of beautiful hand-painted ingredient illustrations and a personal note from Ambika Pillai.

Antique-style botanical illustration finds the perfect modern partner in clean typography and minimal layouts

The design is very simple in its ideation and execution and is built from a few elements that have been wonderfully handled and laid out to deliver a very classic looking packaging solution that expresses a genuine sense of detail and craft. The illustrations have been intelligently crafted by hand, digitally enhanced and delicately styled to bring in old-world edge to sleek and modern packaging.

The ingredient illustrations were carefully designed to be flexible enough to suit various substrates. The colors used in the Kaytra packaging have been wisely incorporated into the design to position it as a brand catering to a wider mass of people. The hand-painted illustrations and the personal message from the expert make the brand authentic, traditional and approachable to its audience.

Client: AVA & AP Naturals Pvt. Ltd.