Chota Hunger

healthy treats on the go!

Foogo belongs to the fast growing food category: a convenient and healthy alternative to light snacking. The Objective was to develop and communicate the positioning of ‘Healthy Snacks On the Go’ and the brand architecture through a unified design for the entire product range for a new brand name ‘Chota Hunger’ (essentially a breakfast cereal).

Building a brand for kids especially in the fast growing competitive environment is as challenging as it is rewarding.

We developed and communicated the positioning of ‘Healthy Treats on the Go’ and the brand architecture through a unified and impactful design system. The treatment given to the brand name is inspired from loving and caring “Mother’s Handwritten Notes” on lunch boxes. The splash is energetic and animated to bring out the urge of hunger. The characters on the packs are created from the variants themselves, inspired from the kids imagination, and spark instant recall. The dual characters are personified and the characters created make it easier for the parents and children to find the flavours on the shelf.

Our Challenge was to create a differentiated and attractive packaging design, that catered to children with functional elements and to have a strong impact across India’s complex and challenging retail environment. Our system design was simple enough to ensure the addition of new variants in the future.

Client: Cheer life Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd