Medimix Clear

a refreshed packaging

AVA Cholayil Healthcare challenged us to redesign the Medimix Transparent one of their biggest brands in their portfolio to be more relevant to today’s consumer. They wanted to include the younger audience into their target consumers, a brand which initially only meant selling to the traditional audience.

We studied the insights of the consumers purchase patterns and found that one of the reasons for a rebrand came from the soap being closely similar in terms of packaging to the Medimix Classic. Therefore the need to revamp the packaging to also suit the consumers, which meant the design approach needed to be fresh yet contemporary.

The design objective was to communicate a product benefit by transforming the Brand from a Functional to an Experience driven Brand, thereby stimulating the user. The core portfolio’s ingredients were set against a white background with the three distinct colours for the variants – Honey (Brown)/ Aloe Vera (Green) / Mint (Blue) to accentuate the effectiveness of the ingredients suitable for various skin types.

“Your skin smiles” – the brand tagline on the SOP was unique and iconographic. The pack architecture (Natural Toning/ Deep Hydration/ Oil Balance) mainly the sub variants were very strong in it’s typographic approach.

Unlike any other Brand in the company’s portfolio, the strong drool shot was the prime focus for the three variants. The three packs maintain the consistency of the visual system leveraging their fresh and distinctive packaging approach and thus became easy to identify at all high frequency stores and retail outlets.

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Client: AVA Cholayil Health Care Pvt. Ltd.