Nature Store

a radical line of food products

The visual expression of the Sanjeevanam Nature Store was to introduce a system design. The Sanjeevanam concept was born out of a wealth of understanding of natural living and healing using only natural solutions. The main idea was to rejuvenate the body physically, mentally and spiritually for a better living.

Our packaging design aimed at introducing in the most definitive way, a radical line of food products. We would like to call it ‘food principles’, as the design spoke of a healthy, tasty, and a well balanced approach to making the conscious decision of choosing the right food product beneficial for you.

We addressed a wide range of products, and decided to do so through a strong visual statement of bold colours, a minimalistic approach and a rustic feeling. To create a visual sincerity, a short relatable description of the product, iconography that speaks of the category and keywords were enlarged highlights the health benefits of the product. Simple, earthy and clean, yet aesthetically designed, the packaging design talks about making the healthy choice.

The primary colors of the Natural Food Category palette were strong and straightforward. The consistent representation of the Vibrant Yellow helps reinforce the distinctiveness of the Restaurant Palette. The Rustic Red is a representation of the Nature Store Palette. These two colors are used consistently on all Health Food packages to bring about uniformity.

The packaging system design was developed to meet the needs of the expanding line of the Nature Store products. The system was flexible enough to allow for the unique characteristics and benefits of each individual product, and yet unites them all under the Sanjeevanam Nature Store Brand. The structures above show you the FOP and BOP and the essential pieces of architecture and how they are utilized. The pictographic style for the Claim Icons was easy to spot on the shelf and helped in categorizing information.

Client: AVA Cholayil Healthcare Pvt. Ltd