Learning Series

a smart way for classrooms to learn

Totsmart Learning Series is a clutter breaking collection of Pre-Primary / Elementary textbooks for subjects like English, Maths, Hindi and GK. These books have been created by some of the most respected names in the Education sector and have been prescribed by around 200 schools in the country. The unique proposition of these books is the single minded focus on Practice and Fun to ensure kids enjoy their time studying.

TotSmart Books brought about a sustainable change from embracing traditional educational tools and methodologies. Our solutions added value so that students, parents, and teachers were able to realize the power of personalized education. The Totsmart product line includes Physical textbooks as well and the combined offering is positioned as a Blended learning platform (Physical books + Digital platform) for schools.

Our design sparks the kid’s imagination and makes content more relevant, focused and meaningful. The books were designed focusing on experiential and enjoyable learning resulting in better understanding and retention. Colourful layouts, intriguing illustrations and creative communication aided in delivering a more personalized, fun and engaging experience for every child.

Bringing new literacies into the elementary classrooms of Schools, especially through the use of a digital media is a new technological innovation in education. Totsmart with its innovative Blended Learning offering is enabling schools to educate using multiple channels be it classroom teaching or learning through digital media.

Client: TotSmart Edutech Pvt. Ltd.