a visually engaging game based-interactive
educational application

Our game based- interactive educational app are platforms that keep children engaged while they master core curriculum concepts. As children go about their daily lives exploring and discovering things around them, they are exposed to the world of mathematics. They learn important math skills through their play and routine, using concrete materials that they can manipulate, to learn math in the early years.

The mobile game TotSmart Maths Voyage is a companion for Math Activity Books and there by teach children the concept of problem solving.

It is meant for Pre- school students to cover concepts like numbers, reverse counting, greater than, less than, addition, subtraction etc. The series of games developed and designed combine comprehensive learning with high quality entertainment and fun for children ages 4 to 8 years.

The journey of learning math is made simple by introducing characters and captivating themes that are kid centric like aeroplanes, and animals that keep children engaged, entertained and motivated while learning new skills.

We developed kid friendly rich graphics, animations, voices, and intuitive clicks, drag and drop type templates that are easy for children to follow without parent or teacher supervision.

This Application design uses a palette full of contrasting and complementary solid colors and characters to highlight important state, indicate interactivity and dynamically focus attention. Micro interactions were small pieces of UI detail and functionality that surrounded larger pieces of functionality. They were pleasant surprises that control the moment-by-moment experience of the user.

The subtle, fleeting, atomic design moments provide the user with smart feedback and reinforcements and results in an application that is more differentiated, more enjoyable to use, an  importantly more addictive.

This app is available for all smartphones and tablets running on Android as well as iOS.

Client: TotSmart Edutech Pvt. Ltd.