Veg- Wich

the Solution

Eating is an experience of the senses and so enhancing the customer experience once a customer is at the stall was what needed to be delivered – the food truck’s brand promise and brand image. The vibrant graphics created on the truck boasted of a contemporary Indian design to cater to Seattle’s cosmopolitan nature of the audience.

People love using puns in their day to day interactions What could be more fun than a brand that talks food puns. The language thus had a story that could be extended onto several media. The USP of the brand; the incredibly delicious Bombay Sandwich with all it’s ingredients had to be a part of the language.

The elements of the visual language were individually printed on a transparent substrate and stuck manually on the truck. Each print had a white backing which enabled the color to stand out also the dark grey color of the truck made the language look more vibrant.

Client: Vegwich